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Do you need support for your IT network?

We have been providing proactive IT support services to Kiwi organisations for over 20 years, and we can provide a wide range of support services and managed services to meet the requirements of your organisation.

Kiwi IT’s helpdesk support staff are only a phone call or email away, meaning that over 80% of support enquiries are solved as first-time fixes, and over 90% of support enquiries are solved remotely, with no need for a site visit by an engineer. Our support staff pride themselves on technical excellence and provide and quickest problem resolution time possible.

Our IT Support Services include

ICT Support Desk Services (remote and on site support available up to 24 x 7)
Workstation Support (Windows and MacOS)
Managed Server Infrastructure Support (Windows, Linux and Mac)
Managed Network Support
Backup & Recovery Services
Disaster Recovery Services
Managed Services Agreements
Australia Regional and Trans-Tasman Support

Tailored Approach

We can tailor our services to your needs and IT usage requirements, and offer a managed services agreement to meet your business requirements, including an optional fixed price agreement to help you manage your costs.

Proactive Support

Included in your managed services agreements is proactive support, where our helpdesk service staff proactively monitor your systems, and can frequently identify imminent issues before they occur. In many cases, we manage your systems and resolve issues without having to visit your offices, which can save your organisation time and money.


Using our on-premise server management services, you can maintain your existing on-site infrastructure, without the overhead of maintaining full-time support staff. As part of our managed services agreement, we can monitor and upgrade your systems, provide operational maintenance, and offer remote and on-site monthly monitoring.