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In today’s global environment you need to be confident that your IT network is secure

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IT Security Strategy

Cyber-attacks are many and varied, and server attacks can cost you money, affect your operations, or take your business website offline. For these reasons, every modern organisation must have a comprehensive IT security strategy to protect their data and IT infrastructure.

Kiwi IT offers managed cyber security services that are accessible to organisations of all sizes, from small businesses to Trans-Tasman corporates, and are tailored to your budgets and individual security requirements.

We design, implement and maintain a comprehensive approach to cyber security management with multiple levels

Workstation and device security including antivirus, spam and malware protection
User identity and access management including 3rd party application use
User security policies
Wi-fi and internal network security
Hosted and on-site firewall and perimeter network management
Security audits
External vulnerability and penetration testing
Desktop and device encryption


Our hosted firewall service creates a secure perimeter, preventing against unauthorized access to your network infrastructure, and prohibiting access to inappropriate web content, restricting downloads of infected files, and enabling secure use of your network. It can also be customised to allow employees to secure remote access to company resources.


  • DDoS protection – Use Akamai Prolexic to protect against a DDoS attack.
  • Secure Network as a Service – Perimeter 81 allows your team to securely work from anywhere without your own network firewall device and VPN licenses.
  • Dark Web ID detects your compromised credentials in real time on the Dark Web. With over 80% of hacking-related breaches linked to weak, reused or stolen passwords, user credentials are emerging as the top vulnerability for businesses.

Email Phishing

Email Phishing Simulation tests your employees on how they will respond to real-life phishing attacks. With over 90% of security breaches linked to inadvertent, unintentional, and caused by human error.